Hi, thanks so much for stopping by!

I’m assuming you ended up here because you know me, or you’d like to know me better. So, here it goes! I was born and raised in Long Beach, CA and graduated from Yale University in 2012 with a B.A. in Economics. I am a daughter, sister, proud aunt, friend, and lover of travel. I have visited over 11 countries and have about twice that number on my wish list. Head to my Travel page to check out some of my experiences at home and abroad!

One evening in 2017, a friend randomly recommended (insert dare) I audition for a reality show that I was familiar with, although I had never watched an episode. The Bachelor’s open call for Season 22 happened to be taking place the following day and was located only 7 minutes away from my house. One thing led to another, serendipity took over, and I ended up on a truly incredible adventure!

I now reside in Los Angeles, where I work in Commercial Real Estate. When I’m not working, watching Bravo, or discovering which restaurant in LA has my favorite spicy margarita, some of my other interests include hot yoga, cooking, fashion, and philanthropy. I love collaborating with brands, impactful organizations, photographers and other creatives - so please don't hesitate to reach out via email.

P.S. in case you’re wondering, my name is pronounced C.N.